DV series piston type numerical control valve


Product Details The DV series piston CNC valve is a hig […]

Product Details

The DV series piston CNC valve is a high stability control valve widely used in fluid control. There are a large number of applications in the field of fluid control and quantitative loading in Europe and the United States. The valve structure is reasonable in design, autonomously opened and closed, and has small flow resistance to liquid, and can be applied to control of various high-viscosity liquids.

The DV series piston CNC valve is suitable for applications where flow control, frequent opening control or quantitative loading control is required for liquids. When the opening is active, there is no loss of liquid pressure. It is especially suitable for self-pressure (self-flow) for quantitative loading and an ideal replacement product for loading electro-hydraulic valve.

Product Characteristics

  • Diverse control methods, RS485 Modbus communication control, switch signal control, 4~20mA control, can realize precise adjustment of liquid flow control, valve adjustment opening is linear adjustment, and control is convenient.
  • The working process of the valve is not affected by the viscosity of the liquid, and the switching valve acts quickly.
  • The valve material is made of stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of special materials, which can resist acid and alkali and various chemical solvents.
  • The opening mode is active opening, which is not affected by liquid pressure, and the flow resistance is small.
  • Less mechanical transmission parts and high reliability.
  • Power supply mode can be DC24V or AC220V.
  • Applicable to work situations that are frequently turned on and off.

Selection Table

CodePath (mm)Pressure Level
05D50PN16/PN25/CLASS 150
08D80PN16/PN25/CLASS 150
10D100PN16/PN25/CLASS 150
150D150PN16/PN25/CLASS 150

Suitable Liquid
Petrochemical industry: diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil, heavy oil, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, chemical raw materials, etc.

Chemical industry: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkali, ammonia, etc.
Food industry: various liquids in industries such as edible oil, edible alcohol, beer, medical alcohol, and medicine.